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Hey guys, This is my journal were I like to put various random stuff XD.  Yea, you all can go ahead and browse through my random stuff.

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A...non 2hyun post???? Hospitality Worker's program.

Yesterday I submitted my application to a hospitality worker's program. It's the next day and I thought that they would contact me earlier to schedule an interview but they haven't yet. I'm just worried that I won't get any responses back....I contacted them today and i'm still waitng for a response.

I just really hope this works out....I don't know what to do at this point with this job thing. I feel like getting a job is impossible for me. Sometimes I feel like giving up but there's still this spec of light that's telling me to keep trying.

So yeah, I really wanna go with this program because it sounds good. So ima see what happens.